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Due to the high volume of unlocks that we process, to make the support process as quick and efficient as possible, all communication is initiated from within your private customer area.

Every day we unlock 100's of iPhones for individuals from over 300 networks in over 70 countries around the globe. For our customer support agents to be able to assist you, it is essential that your order information is available at their fingertips. By communicating from within your private area, our operators have access to all your communication and service information. In turn, it provides a single, secure area where you can view all messages and communication.

*General support staff and LiveChat operators, outside of this area are unable to access this information and can only provide answers to general and pre-sales enquiries.

General Enquiries

General Enquiries

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Network Lookup - £3.99 (1-24hrs)

Use this service to run a check on the Apple GSX database to determine what network your iPhone is currently locked to.

Enter your 15 digit IMEI number & an active email address to receive the Network Report. If you do not know where to find your IMEI, use the help section below.

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Order Help

You can display your IMEI by dialing a number into your iPhone, as if making a phone call. Follow these steps to get your iPhone IMEI:
  1. Open your Phone Keypad (to make a call).
  2. Dial *#06# (star-hash-0-6-#)
  3. Your IMEI will display on the screen
The IMEI number can be found in the iPhone Settings. To locate it follow these simple steps on your phone, below:
  1. Click on 'Settings'
  2. Click on 'General'
  3. Click on 'About'
  4. Scroll down to view the IMEI number

On newer models the IMEI number is engraved on the back of your iPhone. Look on the back of the iPhone and at the very end of the small text is the phone IMEI number. The IMEI is very small, be sure to read and copy it carefully.

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